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With over half a century of experience and extensive knowledge, TAT Technologies provides a comprehensive solution, including design, development, manufacturing and MRO services for Thermal Management for both commercial and military applications. Our extensive array of OEM solutions include high-temperature resistant pre-coolers, aluminum fuel submerged hydraulic heat exchangers, oil coolers, ECS heat exchangers, vapor cycle evaporators/condensers, electronic cooling solutions, and environmental control systems.

Our MRO services consist of cleaning, repair, overhaul and core replacement, all of which are performed at our state-of-the-art MRO facilities, supervised by expert engineers with OEM design skills and experience.


  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger

    TAT Technologies provides a comprehensive solution, including design and manufacture of air-to-air heat exchangers.

    TAT is a one-stop address for all your “Built-to-Spec” and “Built-to-Print” needs in this field. Whatever the application, TAT is able to offer its customers an optimized technical solution at a competitive price.

  • Liquid & Dual Phase Heat Exchanger

    TAT Technologies has wide experience in the field of liquid and dual phase heat exchangers.

    TAT develops and manufactures airborne oil coolers for a wide variety of applications: hydraulic systems, helicopter gear boxes, aircraft engines and more.
    We offer all types of plane and fit oil coolers: air/oil, fuel/oil and water/oil.

  • Cold Plates

    This line of TAT products is versatile and impressive in terms of both engineering and technological versatility.

    Our unique cold plates are used for cooling power electronics by means of gas, fluid and phase-changing materials, and are literally tailor-made to meet any requirement, however daunting.

  • Electronics Cooling Systems

    TAT Technologies specializes in developing and manufacturing power electronics cooling solutions for commercial and military applications including:

    – Airborne / Land / Marine Radars
    – Electronic Warfare Systems
    – RF Generators / Transmitters

    Our advanced, self-contained, integrated cooling systems are developed, manufactured and assembled entirely at our facilities. We draw on resources in our portfolio, including components such as heat exchangers, pumps, cold plates and flow accessories.


  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger

  • Liquid & Dual Phase Heat Exchanger

  • Cold Plates

  • Fuel to Oil Heat Exchangers